Saturday, 16 June 2012

Contradictions when evaluating

The problem is simple. Children are taught in the schools in order to know how to communicate in English. For that, most of the material are prepared to improve the reading and listening comprehension and written expression. Few is done for the oral expression.
The curriculum wants to improve these abilities. But we are said that we must put special attention to speaking and listening English. But the students are evaluated in reading and writing.
Another problem is that we end up teaching one thing, but the test used to evaluate the students is using a different way to evaluate.
In order words, an international test is designed to measure how much students can do withe their level of English. But the way they learn is different from school to school, and in addition, most of them don't even know how it is the test.
Unfortunatly, at the end, we teach English to have a good result in that test, but not to really use English as a tool.
Vices of the system.

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