Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Changing lives as a teacher

Yesterday, I was searching for information in order to prepare my classes for today. And I just happen to run accross with a news in the New York Times, about Educational Experiences that change a life.
You have to read it.
Few things are so touching and motivating for a students, that the words that a teacher can say.
And it is true. I don't remember all my teachers, of course I remember my first teacher Mrs. Rosa, and I won't forget her.
But at the same time, I still remember many situations in which I could learn something amazing, and it all became real because of a teacher.
It is true that a teacher can change the life of a students, for good or for bad.
But as a teacher, I wonder if I am doing that on my students, if I am giving those educational experiences that change lives. I feel that I haven't done so much. It is not that I don't want, but I feel that I am not changing the life of anybody. Probably, not the way I want.
I can't judge myself so hard, because of course that I am helping my students everyday, but I would like that someday, one student will come to my class, and he or she will tell me: "Teacher, do you remember when you taught us this ... well, that made me think and then I decided to take a decision in my life", or "thanks to you, I chose the right way in life", or "I am the way I am because of you".
Dreaming is easy, actions are harder. I hope that day will come soon.

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