Saturday, 5 May 2012

What to choose? work or personal life?

OK, I know what you will say, why I am not posting periodically as before. The truth is that my time now is limited, and I don't have enough.
I think it was last year that I took a decision. If giving my whole life to my work, or just giving enough to do a good work.
You might criticize me. But I chose the second one. It is not that I hate my job or that I don't want to give more. It is just... after working already many years, I realized that I was feeling burnt out. So I took the decision to give my whole strenght and energy to work during work hours. So I could give the rest of my life, to my life, to my family.
But something funny happened. That even I was giving the whole time for work, I didn't have enought time to do all I had to do for my work.
Funny, because at the end,  I had to give time of my life, of my family to my work anyway.
For that reason, I noticed that I was not doing a good work.
Even though, I give time to prepare material and preparing all I need for my classes, I try to give time to me and my family anyway.
That is why I don't have enough time to my blog.
Do you think it was a good decision? Do you think we can separate work from personal life?
In your case, what do you do?
You can leave some comments about this. It seems that in this case, more quantity means more quality.

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