Saturday, 12 May 2012

About to give up? Read this

Maybe, you have felt this. You wake up in the morning, and then you know that you have to go to work, but even you know you have to get up, in someway, you don't feel doing it. Even worst, you feel hating your job.
It happens. I know you love teaching, but there are days that you hate your career. It is normal. But when this situation seems to be everyday, then you need to do something about it. Before you give up.
Try doing one or two of the following things in order to start your day in a better way.
  • Maybe you are stressed. So try to relax, try hearing relaxing music everyday, even if it is 30 minutes, while you are resting.
  • Give time to read a good book.
  • Stop watching tv, or at least, don't watch too much. Disconnect yourself from the world.
  • Do you like paiting? Try paiting, even if it is something simple, it will help you to have some fun time.
  • Give time to think. Yes! to think. Think about you, about your family, about your life. Think about your future, because the more you think, the more you will see that your life is great.
  • Start a new project. In your house, or in your school. Try doing something new. Even if it sounds exhausting, try a new responsibility. Who knows?, maybe you will like it. (if not, then just don't do it anymore)
  • Try writing. It can be a tale, a short story, or maybe the last bestseller.
  • Give a try to a new restaurant, or to a new dish.
  • Visit new places. Plan your weekend to visit a new city.
  • Buy new ingredients, or just new products. Products you have never tried before, or you wouldn't try.
The problem is not your work, it is your life. Try doing new things in your life and you will see that you will wake up happier and expecting new things for you to come.


  1. That's a very good and useful advice, Julian :).. and if somebody tries doing at least some of the things u mentioned, he/she will definitely feel better.
    Teaching is such a profession in which u just have no right to be depressed or to go to work unwillingly. You should always be inspired and inspire your students.. So teachers need some really strong techniques in order to be always in good shape :)
    By the way, I've added you to my msn.. are u ever online? :)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think teaching sometimes can be depressing, but it is up to us to make a chance. AS you say, if you show yourself inspired, then you will inspire your students too.
    I almost don't use my msn, just sometimes i connect to check it. But I always check my emails.


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