Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Teacher Julian answers (1)

For the first time, I thought in answering some questions in relation with my blog. Maybe, in the future, I can answer questions in relation with my work or my experience.
  • Why I created this blog?
    I thought in creating this blog in order to do something new, to use internet to share with other people my own experience. I have used blogs with my students, but this is my personal blog, with all my thoughts and experiences.
  • Why I don't make money with ads? I never thought of that, actually. But even now, I don't feel I want to get money from it. In addition, I must be very important or known with many many subscribers to think I can get money. But honestly, even though, this blog is not intended to get money.
  • Why I use these colours and fonts? I thought in doing something attractive, I don't want a boring page. But, of course, I have changed some things through the months, because, yes... it was a bit colourful.
  • Do I accept comments and opinions from other people? Of course I do. And I always accept comments in my blog except if it is a spam. Although, I don't receive so many comments, I appreciate every one of them. I hope I can get more, to make this blog more interactive. Also, I always take into account every opinion.
  • Do I check other blogs? Yes, although I don't have so much time, but when I have time, I like reading other blogs, sometimes leaving comments. If the topic is interesting, I always read it.
  • Do I follow back? Yes, if it is an interesting blog. But for some reason my blog is having problems with my followers, I can't see them.
  • Why I don't post regularly? To be honest, I don't have so much time. And you must know that for posting in a blog, it needs some time.
  • Do I promote other blogs? Yes, if the blog is interesting and related with teaching, or English.
  • Why I don't teach English on my blog? Actually, my blog is just for sharing experiences, ideas, pages, information, etc. My intention is not teaching English (althought I have shared things like that), because if it is so, I must do my blog in Spanish. It will be strange to teach English to a person who already speaks English.
Well, I hope I have answered some questions in relation with my blog. If you have any doubt or you want to ask me anything, you can do it. You can leave a comment or send me an email directly to my address.
Take care and see you soon

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