Sunday, 25 March 2012

Problems of Internet

Internet seems to be a key to help the students in their process of learning. Nothing to say against that. But something that seems to be so easy and at the reach of everybody, it can be totally different.
I use internet a lot, and if I can be connected the whole day, I would do it. Of course, I can't (and I don't have to).
But, that is easy for me, and I consider myself as a modern teacher, because I try to use all the technology at my hand.
Although, for me it is part of my day, most of my students don't have internet. Some still don't have a computer.
It is hard to help them in this way. As a teachers we know how much we can get from internet. There are millions of pages with great information, with excellent content, and tones of activities. But it is all useless if my students can have the chance to see that.
I would say that every school has a computer lab. But the time you can use it, is really few, and let's be honest, if the students have the chance to use their computers at school or at their houses, they will use facebook or other social network pages to check.

I think there must be a change in someway. But it must come from the students. I mean to say, they must see that internet is not just a great place to have fun, but also, an excellent place to gather information and learn.
I hope someday, the students will see internet as the best tool they can have nowadays to improve and learn new things. Meanwhile, teachers must do their best to connect students with this technology.


  1. Hi Julian! I had the same problem with my students using Internet for learning. I created a blog for sharing interesting materials and extra tasks with them, but only half of my students had computers with internet access at home, and those who had mostly used 'I had no Internet connection this week' or 'My pc didn't work' as an excuse not to complete their blog tasks. And finally I was 'demotivated' and abandoned this 'blog for students' idea. Now I realize that using technologies with students takes more than just the teacher's enthusiasm about technologies.
    Here's a presentation by Sandy Millin that I came acroos yesterday. It's called 'Go online - getting your students to use Internet resources'. You might want to have a look at it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I have more than 200 students, and just 22 have already checked the page I gave. Yes it makes me feel losing the motivation. I will check the page you gave me, thanks.


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