Friday, 9 March 2012

Meeting a new group

Every year, I must face a new group of students who start a new year in my school. It is a challenge for me, because it is not just about planning, but also to work with people who are expecting the best of me.
A new school year has began, and I am getting ready for it.
When you happen to meet a new group of students, then you must consider some relevant points.
  1. Know their names. At first it is hard but try to learn their names by heart. The fastest you do, the more amazed they will be. They will feel they are important because you really want to know who they are.
  2. Promote the use of their names, and don't encourage the use of nicknames.
  3. Learn where they live, where they studied, about their families, all about their backgrounds.
  4. Be polite and always talk with respect. Never treat them as they are friends. Treat them as they are so important people. They will do the same on you.
  5. Admit your mistakes, and admit that you don't know everything. Don't lie when you don't know something. They will appreciate that you are sincere.
  6. Be fast and do things in advance. They will notice that you take things seriously, and they will see you as a good professional.
  7. When you meet their parents, be kind and show them that you are a person in which they can trust.
  8. Let the students feel that they are your allies. That they are important because they have the right to give opinions and take decisions.
  9. Don't change the rules of the schools because you feel they are so strict. If you do so, you lack of integrity.
  10. Be always you. Don't pretend to someone you are not. If you are easygoing, don't pretend to be a strict teacher. You are you, but if you are easy going, it doesn't mean you will allow everything. I am not talking about rules, I am talking about your personality.

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