Friday, 31 August 2012

6° Step to the top: The first evaluation

Ok, after a month, let's evaluate what I have done.
I am already working, even with my students, a method to memorize words and concepts, and it is really working. You really need to check what it is the memory palace method.
And yes, I continue studying and learning through internet. But I think, I need to study more.

I am trying to deal with the behaviour by rewarding with points or even candies (for the youngest ones), and I am trying to promote the respect among the students. I am controlling the permission to go to the bathroom (most of the times they don't need the bathroom).
But I still don't do a list with the most repetitive problems in the classroom.

Students are already working in groups, and it is helping a lot to work with them. Although there are still some groups not working.
I still don't have enough time to create material for the classroom, although, the classroom is decorated with the works that students made before.

I created a schedule, but I still can't follow it, because there is always something else to do.

Well, I have done some things during the month, I have to improve some of them, and I have to fix new problems. Let's see what it will happen next months.

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