Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Is twitter better than facebook?

I have been the whole week learning how to use Facebook and twitter. OK, I am not an expert, but I have learnt fast. (Not so hard actually).
Anyway, I have been uploading information and links to my account in facebook. But one of the problems is that I can't upload files, just photos or links to videos (unless, I am wrong and you know how to do it, in that case, share the information with me).
But my account in twitter is the one I love the most. I never thought of the potential of this network.
I am a follower of excellent teachers and from whom I am getting many ideas, resources and pages.
Why I came late to this? I don't know, but one I am here, I would like to learn more and get more ideas on how to use twitter and facebook as a tool for my classes.
My question is: Is it really good to have an account in every new or trendy social network we face to? Will we have the time to post, upload, share and write comments in every one of them? I don't know. But I know that every possible way to be helping the students, then we have to do it.
Another question is ... which is better, facebook or twitter? you can leave your comments and give your opinion.
I think twitter is better.... well, it is my opinion only.


  1. Hello Julian :)
    I am also interested in using social networks and platforms with my students. Last year I started using Facebook and Twitter as my personal learning environment - for connecting and following great ESL sites and teachers and sharing useful things I come across on the net.
    Here are some of the great teachers and sites I'm following on Twitter:

    I haven't tried using Facebook or Twitter with students yet (I was exploring wikis and blogs as a platform for students).. but here's what I think about using these networks:
    - it's better not to create your learning platform on the network which is used by students for their peer communication in mother tongue - they will not want learning intrude into their recreation.
    - on the other hand, if your students are already using some social network, they will be uneager to log into another network just in order to check the posts of their teacher.
    - I guess the best way is to create a closed group or page on Facebook or Twitter or another social platform that is already used by the students which will be just for you and your students.
    - if you bring your students into any social network, you should be responsible for their internet safety. It is an important issue. So think how to make safer accounts which can't be contacted by outsiders.

    You can get some ideas on how to interect with students through Facebook by following the example of

    LearnEnglish Teens - British Council
    on Facebook

    Well, there are so many things to say on this topic, but that's all for now :)


  2. Hey, I followed NikPeachy too.
    Helen, I agree with you. I used edmodo to share information with my students, but few of them really used it. So I decided to use facebook to interact with them. And I hope it will work this time.
    As you say, we must help them to know how to interact on internet, sometimes they don't understand that internet is a powerful tool, but if they don't use it properly, they can have problems in the future.
    Thanks for sharing your comments


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