Monday, 23 January 2012

What students (might) think about living

Well, another week just went fast already, and me, I have just finished my intensive course of ALTE 3, and yes... I feel tired, it was really intensive. But you know what? It was great, our teacher was really a nice person, and he really knows a lot. With a teacher like that, of course I feel inspired to know more and more, and be like him. But the question is this... if I become so great like my teacher, will my students feel inspired to learn more and more too??? Good question.
But more that just learning, which I got some ideas that I expressed in my last post. Now I felt I have to share my opinion with you about a different topic: Life.
Being a student again made me think about my students, and I got some ideas in relation with life.
Students might think the following points about life:
  • Students are not simple people, they mean a lot and for that reason, every student is really so much important for this life.
  • Students can make a great difference, and they can make this world better.
  • Students are not empty glasses, they already have a lot inside to share, to give.
  • Students are full of questions, full of ideas, full of hopes, full of fears. What are we doing to help them?
  • For students, studying is just another "activity" in their lives. Therefore, it is not that important.
  • Students think that by studying they can get a better future, but meanwhile, their present is full of problems. So, how can they be interested in studying, now??
  • Students feel hungry now, they don't want to wait years to feel they are full.
  • Students think rules are silly, pointless. Because they know that every person is free to decide what to do in his life.
  • Students don't want to waste time memorizing contents, when actually, what they really need is to do "actions".
  • Students really need love and feel that are appreciated. Remember that love is the only way to live a meaningful life.

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