Monday, 6 February 2012

The best of planning your class

I haven't written so much in these two months, because as I said, I am resting, but I have been planning my lessons plans for this year (so it means, it is not a real vacation, right?) Anyway, I am supposed to be disconnecting a bit of my work, but even though, I am still searching for information, learning, and investigating.
Planning is really good. We all know it. But it takes time and sometimes it is tiring.
But I have discovered something new about it. Something that is really great about planning. It is called "Hope".
The moment you plan, you are already "hoping" for the future. You are hoping that things will be better. You find a new activity, or resource, and you imagine the reaction of your students. And you imagine they get happy, and they get excited. It is the moment when you project yourself as a great teacher. It is the moment when you really feel that you will do a great job.
But we all know that dreams are dreams, and the reality can be a bit different.
We don't mind that. Because we are creative people, we are not afraid of trying new things. That is the beauty of this job. Everyday is different.
Planning means that we are already hoping for good results and we feel motivated to try new ways to teach.
It is the same as planning a journey. That period is as better as the real travel. Because you have nothing, but you wish for all.
Planning is really believing that things will be great, and you are the main character to make it happen.
So, don't think the time of planning as something lame. Actually is one of the most inspiring moments that we as teacher can have.

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