Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Advices for new teachers

Even though, I have already been working for 7 years as a teacher, I still consider myself as a new teacher. If I compare myself when I just started with the one I am now, I am far away better, but I am still far away from even better. I still have to learn so much more, so I am still "new".
When I was in the university, I prepared a speech about points to be considered when we are new teacher (honestly, I don't remember what I said, expect just one point: Speak English as much as you can). But those days, I had clear ideas about being a new teacher. If you ask me now, if I speak English to my students every day, the answer will be no.
The reality is totally different, so I would like to say some words to those who are thinking in being a teacher, or are about to finish their career as a teacher.

Think big, but don't dream too much in advance. You have to live the experience of being a teacher to know what to do or what to dream. Universities are "the theory", but being a teacher is what you really need to know what is "the action".
Don't give up, the first year is hard, you will be disappointed in some many different ways, you will really know the inner side of the people, you will learn that not all people are nice or good from heart, you will know envy people.
Students are not the ones in the books. They are people, and they are not perfect, they are hard to understand, but not impossible. They will be hundreds, and you are only one, so keep that in mind. Don't give up.
Be prepare to be strong, to fight a hard battle. Be strong to be judged, to be considered the best, and the worst. Be prepared to be a leader. Be prepared to be a father or a mother. Be prepared to be any possible person you can be (nurse, doctor, counsellor, etc.)
You have chosen a really hard work, you will criticized if you do or if you don't do something.
Stress, anxiety, depression are real. But be strong and don't give up.
You will receive a plant already grown up, So don't be responsible if it is not in good condition. But do your best to improve it.
You will receive a plant from which you won't get fruits. But be happy that it will have a lot of fruits if you do a good job taking care of it.
You can love being a teacher, or you can hate being a teacher. But after many years of working, if there is student still remembering you, and calling you "teacher", then feel already paid.
Keep in mind all I have said, the day you teach to a group of students for the first time.

One last thing, the first day you teach, take photos, many photos of those students and photos of yourself. Because that day is the first day that you will start changing this world.

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